Why Responsive?

One question I have gotten so far has been “Why Responsive?”

I felt it might be worth it to explain the choice behind the name. I had been looking for a name that really described my approach towards nutrition and how I want my clients to feel about nutrition when they work with me on their nutrition journey and beyond. I brainstormed, I looked at silly acronyms and spellings using my name (B(e) Well(s) nutrition anyone? no?) and nothing really stood out.

Then I started looking around at what others had chosen for their business names, I looked at potential available domains, business name “scramblers” that helped you choose a name. I had no idea there are entire businesses dedicated to purchasing domains and creating a complete marketing package for you to purchase.

Among all the scrambled words on the website (not unlike all the NOISE on the internet regarding nutrition) I came across the word responsive.  What are some synonyms for responsive?  Active-Aware-Compassionate-Conscious-Receptive-Sensible. Yes! Yes! Yes! Responsive hit the nail on the head in regards to how I want to convey nutrition to you:

ACTIVE: just like you as a person, your diet/nutrition is always in an active state, always moving. We don’t find the “perfect” diet and never look back. Just like many things in life, what is working now will likely change related to SO many things: performance goals, health goals, life stage, in-season/off-season. Nutrition is flexible and ever changing and learning to adapt and flex into whatever season of life we might find ourselves in is key. 

CONSIOUS & AWARE: Nutrition is not just having the nutrition knowledge that so many of us already possess, but also bringing awareness to your body and mind when it comes to eating. This means looking more into the emotional and situational side of eating, tuning in to hunger and fullness cues, and understanding and applying practical hunger when needed. (here is where I really come in!)

RECEPTIVE/COMPASSIONATE/SENSIBLE: Nutrition requires compassion, empathy, and a listening ear. I always keep that in mind during sessions and when creating content, and I encourage you to do the same for yourself! Be open to new ways of navigating your diet and nutrition and be kind to yourself. No shaming or should-ing! Many people believe that dietitians are here to be the food police; to punish & take things away and while that may be the case for some, that is not what you are getting with me. Through my many years of counseling and coaching I have learned this delivery method is not successful nor is it helpful in building your relationship with food. I acknowledge that life is messy and want to help you meet your goals in a way that works for you, not at the expense of you. We work together to find a solution instead of me steamrolling you and taking on an “expert” role.

This all adds up to RESPONISVE. I am here To help you define and achieve success at whatever life-stage you are in and putting you in the drivers seat so our time together can serve you for years to come!

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