Fall Recipes for Athletes

Who loves a good fall recipe? I do! This month I created a round-up to show you not only some great recipes but also showcase some of the very talented Sports Dietitians out there that consistently put out great content. 

First up we have another take on energy bites with Eleat Nutrition’s Pumpkin Spice Energy Balls.  All the flavors of fall and would be great as a post-workout snack (paired with some protein of course), an awesome edition to lunch, or a bedtime snack. 


Next up we have some delicious apple pumpkin pie oatmeal from Bucket List Tummy. If apples or pumpkin aren’t your thing she also lists a Strawberry option in this link! 

My favorite thing for baked oatmeal is to make a “frosting” using vanilla greek yogurt, chia seeds, and cinnamon for an added protein boost. 

THE BEST MAPLE GRANOLA from Satiate Nutrition? You be the judge! Granola is a great option for pre-or post-workout fueling and can be eaten alone or added to milk, yogurt, oatmeal, trail mix, ice cream…what’s your favorite way to eat granola?



How about something a little savory? Kelly Jones Nutrition Fall Harvest Energy Bowl can be an amazing option for meals. The best part about bowls? You can make swaps for what you don’t like- not a fan of chickpeas? Try black beans or lentils. Quinoa is a no? Try high protein pasta or rice! What you make is up to you!

Instagram Recipes more you’re thing? Check out recipes from adashofdanardn!

Some other non-sports RD websites with some great ideas: 

A Tropical Fruit & Pumpkin Smoothie: swap the low-fat yogurt for greek and along with the pomegranate juice you’ve got a powerful recovery smoothie! 

Pumpkin Hummus adds some fall flair to your veggie intake. 

Simple but delicious, apple sandwiches give you a nice balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats for a great snack!

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