Creating a Performance Pack

We’ve all said it before “Oh! I forgot to pack my snack!” or  “Oh! I didn’t think I’d be gone that long and I didn’t bring anything to eat”. It happens to the best of us.  What’s an athlete to do? 

I say if you can make the habit happen, bring the habit to you! Today we’re going to talk about how you can create a performance pack so you can have your pre-during-and post-workout snacks (or really anytime snacks!) on hand wherever you might be. BONUS!: This works for parents, coaches, and other children who might be along for the ride! 

How might we do this? By creating a collection of shelf-stable options that keep you fueled no matter what the challenge. 

Step 1 is to find yourself a bag or two or more: We want to make it easy to find a snack no matter where we are so we are going to make bags for each essential area. What is an essential area? It is different for everyone but some ideas might be your car, your locker, your desk drawer, your gym bag, your book bag, your purse…see where I am going with this? Think of anywhere you might be where the need for a snack arises. 

Step 2 is to gather the items you want or need. The key here is SHELF STABLE: items “able to survive long periods on store or home shelves without spoiling”. Also, consider its melt-ability if you plan on keeping your pack in a place that might see the sun/heat. For instance, trail mix would be great! Trail mix with chocolate maybe not so much if it is sitting in your car.

Need some ideas? I got you! I gathered some suggestions you can select for each part of your workout. If you are someone who just needs to keep snacks handy in general, feel free to choose from any list though you would likely want to pair a carbohydrate source with a protein source to help keep you fuller longer.  When it comes to athletes remember, what you choose (item and amount wise) depends on your needs.  Everyone is individual in what they need amount-wise and what they can tolerate pre-during or after activity so please remember to test these items in a practice setting first!

Are you looking for pre-workout or during activity? select from the “pre-workout and during quick digesting carbohydrate” section. Post-workout? See the “post-workout recovery” and “protein” sections. Just looking for a snack? Create your own combo of carbohydrates and protein to leave you full and satisfied. Lastly, and this goes for everyone, don’t forget to add some hydration options to your pack! 


Happy Fueling!

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