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Creating a Performance Pack

We’ve all said it before “Oh! I forgot to pack my snack!” or  “Oh! I didn’t think I’d be gone that long and I didn’t …

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Add More Flavor to your Meals

First things first: it is 100% OK to use and enjoy the items you already use to flavor your foods. Yes really! ESPECIALLY for those …

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Pantry Staple Meals: 8 weeknight meals with 8 staple ingredients

Today we will create 8 meals from these 8 pantry must-haves: Canned Beans Eggs A variety of frozen vegetables Rice Pasta Chicken (canned, frozen, or …

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What does eating “healthy” look like?

This month’s theme for National Nutrition Month® is to personalize your plate. What does personalize your plate mean to you? If you would’ve asked me …

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Plant Based Nutrition

Chili Lime Veggie Burgers & Protein Needs for Vegetarian Athletes

Chili Lime Veggie Burgers with Quick Guac Brittany Wells February 14, 2021 With a whopping 9.8 grams of protein per burger, add a bun and …

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Life is messy - progress not perfection graphic. Orange circle with words in side. Dark green circle in background.

Progress, not Perfection

As we (thankfully) ring in 2021 its time to have a chat about New Years resolutions and, really, goals in general. Have you ever picked …

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