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Tart Cherry Juice for Athlete Recovery?

Chocolate Covered Cherry Recovery Drink Brittany Wells Tart Cherry Juice has become quite popular in the sports nutrition arena for its benefits in sleep and exercise recovery. This recipe blends a powerful antioxidant powerhouse with another powerful recovery tool: protein Prep Time 1 Minutes Serves 1 Carbohydates/Protein 34/ 16 grams Ingredients 8 oz Chocolate Core …

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Pantry Staple Meals: 8 weeknight meals with 8 staple ingredients

Today we will create 8 meals from these 8 pantry must-haves: Canned Beans Eggs A variety of frozen vegetables Rice Pasta Chicken (canned, frozen, or fresh if you prefer) Vegetable Broth Canned Diced Tomatoes Pantry staples come in handy for those who are: Traveling with their team and may be unable to keep fresh ingredients …

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Chili Lime Veggie Burgers & Protein Needs for Vegetarian Athletes

Chili Lime Veggie Burgers with Quick Guac Brittany Wells February 14, 2021 With a whopping 9.8 grams of protein per burger, add a bun and you’ve nearly got 15 grams of plant based protein fuel! Prep Time 15 Minutes Cook Time 5-7 Minutes Total Time 25 Minutes Serves 8 People Ingredients 2 (15-oz.) cans cannellini …

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Graphic showing the definition of 'responsive' (quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically)

Why Responsive?

One question I have gotten so far has been “Why Responsive?” I felt it might be worth it to explain the choice behind the name. I had been looking for a name that really described my approach towards nutrition and how I want my clients to feel about nutrition when they work with me on …

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Photo of chopped vegetables in a glass bowl

Navigating Sports Nutrition when you are Vegetarian or Vegan

Interested in following a more plant based diet? Already a plant based athlete and want to make sure you are meeting your general nutrition and performance needs? Today I will cover the nutrients of concern for each type of vegetarian diet, as well as where you can find those nutrients in our food supply. Not currently an athlete? No worries! This post can be helpful for anyone who is seeking to consume a more plant based diet and is unsure where to start.

Plant based diets can range from those who exclude all animal products (vegan) to those who include animal products less frequently (flexitarian). This leaves us with a wide range of potential for deficiencies of certain macronutrients and micronutrients that we need in our diet not just for everyday function, but for performance too!

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