A Registered Dietitian who consults the expert (you!) to create a fueling plan that not only takes you where you want to be but also creates sustainable change that you can stick with.

Responsive Nutrition works together with athletes and their families who want to simplify fueling both on and off the court. 

Athletes, take your nutrition game from the uncertain athlete who isn’t sure if they are doing it right to the confident athlete who knows how to fuel in order to get :

 more out of training sessions

improve energy and focus

recover and rebuild faster

This creates a competitive advantage that many athletes don’t consider. Imagine feeling confident in how you fuel. Finding that you don’t HAVE to feel sore for days after a hard session, that you can energize your workouts without energy drinks or expensive supplements, and that you don’t have to restrict yourself to 1200 calories to succeed. 

Parents, imagine having a nutrition game plan for the week, game days included. Go from last-minute, sometimes regrettable (or expensive!) decisions to having a plan that saves time, money, and valuable brainpower all while ensuring you are confidently fueling everyone in the family to the best of your ability. 

Why is Responsive Nutrition Different?

After spending the better part of my Dietitian career in corporate wellness I discovered something: we all know what we “need to do” but none of us are doing it. Why? It’s a multi-faceted answer and it’s different for everyone. Some of us are constantly stressed with work or school commitments. Some of us are confused or overwhelmed by all the nutrition information out there for athletes.  Some of us have always used food as a coping tool and are unsure how to break the cycle. Whatever it is and however you define it – it’s called life- and we’re all caught up in it!

I take evidence-based sports nutrition information and blend it with real life. No more quick changes that burn out shortly after starting. No more meal plans that don’t suit your schedule or taste buds. We work together to create sustainable change. By breaking down a mountain’s worth of goals into tiny, manageable steps that you’re ready for in order to reach your fueling goals and actually keep them going long after we’ve parted ways.



Why do I do What I do?

As a collegiate dance team member I remember what it feels like to be an athlete. I remember two-a-day practices and all-day game days, sometimes in the hot summer sun or in the freezing snowy winters. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the food choices college presented (not to mention the wide variety of extracurricular activities!) and generally not remembering anything from my nutrition classes that might help me succeed. I spent many days in the athletic trainers’ office trying to figure out why my knees constantly ached, why I felt burnt out, and why I lacked the energy to perform. What was I missing? SELF-CARE. 

Athletes give their all but sometimes they forget to give themselves the self-care they need to keep themselves going to avoid burnout, injury, or ending their career before they are ready. Nutrition is part of self-care! While it can’t completely prevent injury or burnout, being properly fueled in addition to stress management and healthy sleep habits (also things we discuss!) can certainly play a role in supporting physical and mental health.

Whether you need to figure out the best way to fuel your sport, need to find healthier ways to deal with a busy schedule, want to create healthier habits for your family as a whole, or even improve your sleep, as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach I can help. Many athletes will follow the same path as you, but few will consider what they put on their plates. 


What are you waiting for? Get started!

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