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A Registered Dietitian for people who want nutrition to be a part of their life, not their ENTIRE life.

Responsive Nutrition works with you to achieve your goals that surround nutrition and wellbeing by creating sustainable changes in your life. We do this by breaking your goals down into small, manageable steps while consulting the expert: YOU. Why? 

Because you are defined by more than numbers on a scale and deserve to be the lead architect in your life. 

My Story

Responsive Nutrition was born out of necessity for you, and for me. I used to work in the corporate world, providing care and telehealth sessions to my company’s clients. While corporate wellness had its perks, there just isn’t enough time allotted to truly care for the individual; and when I say individual, I mean you as a client and myself as an employee. I wanted to build something that helped me take exceptional care of myself, my family, AND my clients by specializing in a few areas instead of feeling spread too thin- can you relate?

After spending many years in the wellness sector, I began to notice a trend: we all know what we “need to do” when it comes to nutrition but none of us are doing it.


It’s a multi-faceted answer and its different for everyone. Some of us are constantly stressed with work or school commitments. Some of us have always used food as a coping tool and are unsure how to break the cycle. Some of us simply have needs that are more urgent than cooking a nutritious meal at home. Whatever it is and however you define it – it’s called life- and were all caught up in it!

Whether you need better coping methods for stress, need to find healthier ways to deal with a busy schedule, want to model healthier habits for your family, achieve some health-related life goals, get strong and fit, or even just stop moralizing food as “good” or “bad”, I can help.

Imagine if you went about your day thinking about reaching your full potential instead of what you should or shouldn’t eat. There is NO reason you can’t have that life. 

Don't "should" yourself. I'm not here to "should" you either.

Instead of throwing an unrealistic nutrition plan your way, my goal is to help you break nutrition down into small, manageable steps that you’re ready for in order to reach your goals AND sustain them. Maybe your looking to improve your performance on the field, heal your relationship with food, or add nutrition to your family dinner plate.  Whatever it might be, let me help you incorporate it into the life you already have instead of rearranging your entire life to meet your nutrition needs.

How do I get Started?

Reading is a great, free place to start. Check out some of my best blogs to help you put in place a solid foundation for health & wellness. 


A gift just for you.

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