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Hi, I’m Brittany, a Registered Dietitian based in Southwest Ohio and owner of Responsive Nutrition.

Responsive Nutrition provides nutrition experiences for all ages in a community setting. From exploring foods as a child to managing the taste preferences of your entire family, I create programming that is fun, immersive, and sustainable for your audience.

I answer questions like:

  • How do I get my child to try new foods?
  • What do I feed a family with different nutritional needs and tastes?
  • What should a growing athlete be consuming before and after games?
  • What is emotional eating?

Each nutrition experience is just that, an experience! Instead of a deck of slides, you’ll see activities such as games, food demos/tastings, or crafts that help enhance the user experience and give you something more than just a handout to remember.



My mission: Make Nutrition Fun, Easy to Digest, and Easy to replicate at home.

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